Methods To Prevent Heart Disease

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It's something that beats inside you; it pumps blood and it controls your blood pressure. All these services for free and that too for a life time. Now the question is do you take it for granted? Have you ever abused your heart knowingly or unknowingly? Are you scared of heart diseases? Do you know the fact that most people hit their buckets so early at a point in their life because of heart related diseases? Ok! So read on to know more about the factors that put your heart at risk and also you will find ways to Prevent Heart Disease by taking certain preventive measures.

There are many risk factors associated with heart related diseases. The most common factor however is high blood pressure which can eventually result in a stroke or heart attack. If you are a regular smoker and obese along with high blood pressure, then the chances of getting a heart attack is pretty high, you wouldn't know when it will strike you. It's like a sleeping cobra inside you, think about wanting to wake it up or not. High blood cholesterol is one of the most major risk factor associated with heart attacks. People mainly add cholesterol in their blood from too much consumption of saturated fats.

Obesity is another major risk factor which builds up more loads on your heart. Obesity increases the cholesterol level and blood pressure in your body. Your heart has to pump blood to a wider area when you are obese and with these barriers coming in it will be a bit more tougher for your heart to pump all the way again. So if you are obese, try to cut down your weight systematically and always keep yourself healthy and under the surveillance of a good physician from time to time.

Also smoking is a major cause of heart attacks and various other strokes. Smoking makes your heart work more and more and it also causes blood clots in your major arteries leading to nothing other than heart attack, the sleeping killer. Lack of physical exercise is another factor that will end up giving you heart diseases. Men are more prone to heart diseases than women, and that is only till the women hit their menopause, after this stage the risk is almost the same with both men and women.

Heart diseases can be hereditary too. If you have someone in your family who has had a heart disease before the age of fifty five, then there is a high probability that you will end up having a heart disease too. Also, birth control pills in women can show side effects that will end up in having heart diseases. So these are the major risk factors associated with heart diseases.

These factors are something to be really scared of and the only way to fight this is by making slight changes here and there. Eat healthy food, always!! Cut down on the excess consumption of saturated fat substances and stick onto unsaturated fat. Please don't take up too much stress, yoga and meditation can help you bring this down. Quit smoking now, as you have no other choice.

Keep yourself fit and exercise regularly. You can go and enroll in your gym or some good martial art schools today or at least take your morning jogging sessions. Do you take your automobile to go to the grocery next block? Think about revising it, taking a walk always helps you. These are a few stuffs which you can do to prevent heart disease that might affect you someday.

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Methods To Prevent Heart Disease

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This article was published on 2010/07/14