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Heart is an essential organ of our body and without it, our body cannot function. The term cardiac means ‘related with heart’. In this era of technology, humans are affected by pressure on their minds and body and are victims of great stress. These factors have produced rapid changes in the health of an individual. Every other passing day, the numbers of the patients suffering from cardiac diseases are increasing at high rate. It has become the leading cause of the death. The World Health Organization reported 16.7 million deaths in 2003 (29.2% of the total global deaths) due to some form of cardiac disease.

There are different forms of the cardiac diseases. The most common source of heart disease is the blockage of the coronary arteries, the blood vessels that supply blood to the heart. The most dangerous thing is that this happens very slowly over time and that is a major reason people have attacks. It is very essential to know the causes of the cardiac diseases and the different forms that it can take. Coronary heart disease is the most common disease which is caused by the failure of the blood vessels to circulate blood to the heart itself due to the junk that is build up on the walls of the artery. Alcoholic heart disease is another form of cardiac disease. It is pretty much self-explanatory and is due to the over use of alcohol. Some children are born with a weak heart or with some heart defects; this is known as congenital heart disease. It is one of the primary causes of the early childhood death in Germany. Hypertensive heart disease is due to high blood pressure and it should not be ignored because high blood pressure has become quite a common disease in Germany. If some bad bacteria are able to pass through the immune system, it causes the inflammation of the heart wall. This disease is known as Inflammatory disease. It is also caused by stress. When the ventricles of the heart are stiff, they resist the filling of the heart with blood. This is known as Restrictive heart disease and it is one of the least common in Germany.

So what can be done to reduce the chances of cardiac diseases? Here are some easy tips which will prevent these diseases. Remove, reduce or replace the stress in your life. Relax your life and try not to work for long time. Stop taking family situations seriously. These things will lower your blood pressure and your organs will thank you for that.

Boost up your Immune system because some of the diseases were caused by the bacteria’s which were able to pass through your immune system.

Do some exercise on daily bases which will pump your heart like cycling, jogging or walking. Such things will keep your heart muscles structured and balanced.

Eat diets with high fiber and abandoned in fatty acids along with Omega 3 fish oil supplements and resveratrol supplement have been medically proven to help prevent cardiac diseases.


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Cardiac Treatment In Germany

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Cardiac Treatment In Germany

This article was published on 2013/02/18